Practice Valuation – An analysis of the practice’s value based on the operating environment and conditions for valuation.  The valuation is a comprehensive review of the practice, its operations, and potential for growth.

Associate Buy-in Analysis – Evaluation of conditions regarding timing, terms, appropriateness of fit, and future impact on the practice.  The engagement focuses on the needs and abilities of both parties to ensure that a fair and equitable buy-in plan is implemented.  Included in the engagement is an evaluation of the practice, meetings with the owner and the associate and the development of the buy-in plan and cash flow analysis.

Strategic Analysis – A comprehensive review of practice operations, value drivers, opportunities for growth, and potential for greater profitability.  This engagement focuses on the long-term goals of the provider and practice to achieve personal and professional goals.

Brokerage Services – A listing service designed to assist and match providers wanting to sell with those wanting to buy.

Practice Assessment – A detailed analysis of the practice’s performance benchmarked against industry and specialty information.  Detailed recommendations are included to assist the provider in improving operating efficiency and profitability.

Associate Recruitment – A service designed to assist practices in locating associates looking for practice opportunities as employees.  The process includes interviews with the practice, contact with the potential associate, exchange of c.v., and on-site visits and eventual employment.